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Why struggle making your own graphics?

 Don't spend anymore than you have to on your web graphics.
Now you can have them custom made at a reasonable price.

Introductory price of just

$20 per graphic
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Why such a low price for such quality work?
I believe that once I work for you, you'll
be coming back for more.  My prices will always
be reasonable and fair but they cannot stay at
this almost giveaway price for long.

This price is only good for the first 20 orders.
The price will then double for the next 20
and then double again after that.

So lock in your price now.
Don't delay- get that graphic you need NOW!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Have a problem that could be solved with a
custom-built software?

You're in luck as I am a software solution provider as well.
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100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Just enter "graphics" for the item and $20 for the amount.
If you want more than one graphic, you can increase payment to reflect the amount that you need. 

Introductory Special
You can order a complete website with header, footer and background for only $45-
just enter "complete website" as the item.
Add an ecover for only $5 more!!

This introductory offer won't last long, so get it now
before the price goes up!
(The going rate for just a header is $50 or more!!)


Upon receipt of your payment
you will be directed to a form
to finish placing your order.
The more details you can provide, the better.

If you have any trouble placing this order,
please email me at graphics (at) byenau.com

If not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded.